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13/01/2022 PaintExpo Ventherm A/S

Ventherm A/S

Self-programming 3D paint robots with data logging for heavy industry

Ventherm A/S is a Danish provider of spray booths and paint facilities for heavy industries such as wind power, offshore, defense, transportation, agricultural and other machining industry. We provide paint facilities to clients worldwide. We are introducing automatic programming and 3D scanning paint robots for heavy duty industry. Our new robot solutions allow you to create robot programs without stopping the production. Ventherm’s robot solution works by scanning the unpainted part in 3D and from the scan the software automatically generates a program planning the most optimal paint paths. Along with the size and shape of each individual part, the position and orientation are also considered by matching the 3D scan with the initial CAD drawing of the part. As a result, the program is optimized for each individual part. With Ventherm’s robot solution it is also possible to adjust painting parameters such as angles, speed, and paint pressure for each surface type. This is a game-changing robotic solution within heavy duty industry. Your benefits: - High flexibility and surface quality. - Increase production capacity by ensuring a constant and smooth workflow. - Optimal paint paths. - No human robot programming. - Reduced costs for personnel. - Controlled by app or PC. - Reliable software programmed in Denmark. Data logging. How do you monitor and optimize your production today? Get the most out of your automation and surface treatment facility with data logging. Ventherm gives you the option to base your actions on valid, traceable and real-time data. - Get a visual overview of the performance of your entire production line with a custom-made dashboard. - Receive a report daily/weekly/monthly/annually with key data ensuring an optimal performance of your production/investment. - Forecast service and maintenance. Data logging includes an overview of for instance: temperature, paint consumption, energy consumption, emission.

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Source: Ventherm A/S

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