9 - 12 April 2024 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

15/01/2022 PaintExpo SAMES KREMLIN


PaintSave - Innovative Push-Out Technology for color changes saves up to 50% of paint!

PaintSave is an innovative push-out technology to save paint between the color change block and the high rotation bell. Compared to a classical color change process located in a process arm of a robot, PaintSave is adding only two elements: a Start station and a Terminus station. An integrated magnet pushes the shuttle into the flow between solvent and paint and cleans the hose without wearing it. PaintSave delivers the most efficient color change with PPH 707 EXT and UPside CCV: 18cc only of paint loss, within 10 seconds only. Globally, the system is able to save up to 50% of paint.




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