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16/01/2022 PaintExpo RD Coatings

RD Coatings

RD-Monoguard anti-corrosion DTM

RD-Monoguard is a high-performance water-based anti-corrosion DTM (direct-to-metal) coating that offers very high protection on steel and many other non-ferrous metal surfaces. Developed by RD Coatings, a Belgian manufacturer specialized in waterborne protective coatings, RD-Monoguard is a unique formulation combining key performances such as high adhesion and anti-corrosion, high resistance to water and erosion, high UV resistance and durability. It is a real breakthrough in the coating industry allowing to protect steel in very severe environments with as little as two coats applied directly on the surface! No need for a primer nor a topcoat, even blasting becomes optional! Eco-friendly and user-friendly, RD-Monoguard is single component and has no pot life. It can significantly reduce risks of failures during application, but also wastage as any remaining paint can be used on later projects! It is water-based and safer to use compared to traditional solvent-based coatings while offering equivalent or even higher protection. RD-Monoguard is an excellent choice for companies searching to reduce their CO2 emissions and VOCs! RD-Monoguard has been tested by third party laboratories and is classified as a system to be used in C5 environments with High lifespan following ISO 12944. It’s a real alternative to traditional two-component epoxy-polyurethane system, while being faster and easier to use. Available in almost any colour, RD-Monoguard comes in a semi-gloss finish and dries in less than two hours at 20°C. Two coats can easily be applied the same day resulting in higher productivity. RD-Monoguard is an excellent choice for equipment owners and contractors searching for easier and more ecological solutions to protect metal. It is currently applied on the 10 year long refurbishment project of the Oresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden. More information can be found on www.rd-coatings.com



Source: RD Coatings

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