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18/01/2022 PaintExpo Pekotek Oy

Pekotek Oy

Transportable MOBL-surface treatment solution

Pekotek MOBL is a transportable 2-in-1 multipurpose booth that lets you blast, paint and dry all in the same chamber, virtually anywhere. With Pekotek MOBL you get industrial grade blasting, painting and drying in one easily moveable container. It's the perfect mix of mobility and flexibility to meet your needs. MOBL container is operate in 48 hours, compared to a traditional finishing line which can take up to three weeks or even longer. And at half the size of a traditional line, and a half of the cost of a typical fixed structure, Pekotek MOBL also makes sense for your bottom line. Plus you have the ability to transform the modular MOBL container to a full-scale finishing line if needed. Unlike traditional, mechanical-floor blaster rooms, Pekotek MOBL utilizes unique air flow conveying solution to move and recycle abrasive. That eliminates the troubleshooting, maintenance and repair costs involved with typical mechanical-floor solutions. Just think, you get simplicity, reliability and low operating costs, without profit-killing downtime for repairs. No matter how you paint it, MOBL is smarter, cleaner and more cost-effective.

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Source: Pekotek Oy

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