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19/01/2022 PaintExpo Oxyplast Belgium NV

Oxyplast Belgium NV

DRYPRIM  EF26  :  Dry-on-dry powder coating made simple

DRYPRIM EF26 is a primer that excels in simplicity. Thanks to powder-in-powder technology, DRYPRIM offers the benefits of a two-layer coating system, but only needs one stoving cycle to unleash its full potential.

After the application of the two layers of (dry) powder, both powder layers are baked together in the same stoving cycle, which eliminates the step of intermediate baking of the primer.

The major advantage of this two-in-one system is that it can be applied with standard spray equipment and with standard topcoats available from stock !

DRYPRIM excels in intercoat adhesion, superior corrosion protection and edge coverage. Due to its energy reduction, this system fits perfectly into our Green Label program.

DRYPRIM gives the best results with the PE40FE low-bake, degassing topcoat. However, other topcoats can be tested and approved by Protech-Oxyplast upon request.

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Source: Oxyplast Belgium NV

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