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19/01/2022 PaintExpo OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH surface controls

OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH surface controls

LED-ColorControlOptic – The new LED generation of ColorMatching

OLIGO surface controls is a leading manufacturer of high-precision surface inspection and ColorMatching systems in the premium sector. These visual inspection systems, specially developed for defect detection, make every surface blemish and all color defects visible. Our ColorMatching systems, now featuring innovative LED technology, provide you with a reproducable, optimum inspection for all types of surfaces for color defects under standard illuminants and self-definable daylight situations, independent of the time of day. Compared to its predecessor, the LED color control optic is characterized in particular by its maximum efficiency, guaranteeing a 55% reduction in energy consumption and at least 60% less heat generation with improved luminous efficency. The new slim design and the advanced LED technology in addition significantly reduce the maintenance effort. On top, the warm-up phase of the illuminants is eliminated, which means that the luminaire can be used immediately after being switched on. With its homogeneously emitting luminous surface, the LED color control optics enables angle-independent checking of the test object, even when the position is changed. Our LED color control optic is available in different versions, which allows it to be used specifically for your application, whether as a single workstation, tabletop booth or as an entire color matching booth.

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