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25/01/2022 PaintExpo Idrotecnica S.r.l.

Idrotecnica S.r.l.

The recent models IR225St-VP and IR300St-VP

They are the answer to the current needs for washing machines with important operating conditions. They have an average flow rate of medium flow water (in the range of 150 - 300 l / h) but with components and technical solutions of the bigger models allowing an intensive use. The new models complement those already known and widespread in the industrial washing sector, making the range even wider and richer. Analyzing the technical aspects, the use of a specific internal pressurization system is highlighted: it allows reduced maintenance and makes the demineralizer even more silent. Idrotecnica in short Idrotecnica realizes systems and equipment to produce demineralized water, in addition supplies support and consultancy in washing sections of washing machines: essentially Idrotecnica represents the reference point to identify and install the most suitable demineralizing system, for a washing machine. The Company is 30 years old, updating constantly its devices and studying the new technologies according to the needs and the ever-higher parameters requested in industry sector; the simple-handling has allowed the maximum distribution of Idrotecnica’s demineralizers.

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Source: Idrotecnica S.r.l.

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