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26/01/2022 PaintExpo Helmut Fischer GmbH

Helmut Fischer GmbH

FISCHERSCOPE® HM2000 S for Nanoindentation on Paint Layers

The Fischerscope HM 2000S system is designed for rapid throughput of test samples, which are simply positioned by hand and measured from below. Parameters such as Martens hardness, elastic modulus of indentation or creep behavior are determined simultaneously. Typical applications include inspecting paint for its mechanical properties, or determining weather impacts on paint layers. Another scope is the quality control of decorative and functional platings. Fischer has conceived the Fischerscope HM 2000S System as an easily scalable entry-level model. If customer requirements grow at a later date, the device can easily be upgraded to the automatic version Fischerscope HM 2000 by adding a positioning unit. After this upgrade, its performance level can be even further improved by a more efficient measuring head.

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Source: Helmut Fischer GmbH

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