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26/01/2022 PaintExpo HangOn AB

HangOn AB

World premiere – HangOn launches groundbreaking calculation tool

During the trade fair in Karlsruhe on 26-29 of April, HangOn launches a unique online-based calculation tool that calculates the energy consumption as well as the economy in a coating plant. The calculation tool is a central part of the company's sustainability work, which is based on making the coating industry greener.

PaintExpo in Karlsruhe is an opportunity for people in the coating industry to meet, exchange experiences and take part in new technology, trends and innovations. HangOn will be there to launch the new online-based calculation tool – which will be available for visitors to try. Petter Törefors, CEO of HangOn, explains what they will present during PaintExpo.

– During the fair, we will present the HangOn Green Effect, where the calculation tool has a major part. The tool creates an understanding of what the economy and energy consumption actually looks like in a coating plant. It is complex but the tool can be adapted to each customer.

The digital calculation tool makes it possible:

  • To simulate different production set-ups
  • To calculate energy consumption per painted detail
  • To calculate the total savings in your coating plant

The digital calculation tool is part of a larger long-term project: the HangOn Green Effect. The idea behind the project is based on making the coating industry greener, at the same time as it opens up great opportunities to save energy.

– We looked at HangOn's own processes and how we can work sustainably, and found that about 1 percent of the energy is consumed in HangOn's own production process, including raw material and transport, and 99 percent in the customer's coating process. Then we understood that we can help our customers become more efficient and at the same time make a difference from a sustainability perspective, says Petter.

The energy consumption in a plant is largely constant, regardless of how much that is being coated. The effect of filling your facility therefore has great potential to save energy and increase profitability – a double effect called "HangOn Green Effect".

– At the same time as you save energy, you also increase profits. We have previously focused a lot on cost but have not been aware of what energy savings have been made. We now know that energy consumption is constant no matter how much you coat in your facility, says Petter.

Benefits of HangOn Green Effect:

  • Learn to understand and reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profit
  • Contribute to a greener coating industry

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