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28/01/2022 PaintExpo For.Tec. Forniture Tecnologiche S.r.l.

For.Tec. Forniture Tecnologiche S.r.l.

The TR pyrolytic ovens

With decades of experience in the field, For.Tec. developed a new multi-stage treatment system that uses pyrolysis to remove paint, grease and other coatings from metal parts. TR range includes plants specifically intended for industrial applications: these are newly designed ovens, which use the well-known pyrolytic process as operating principle. Pyrolytic processes are used on a large scale in the industry. Specialising in this particular thermal decomposition method means developing and offering technologies capable of meeting the needs of the most diverse sectors, such as oil & gas, general industry, healthcare, household waste, and paint stripping of coating plant accessories or workpieces to be recovered. The strengths of this new For.Tec technology are many: - The use of heat under controlled conditions, which allows you to completely eliminate the coatings without damaging or modifying the characteristics of the metal parts treated, while ensuring optimal results; - The optimization of the process through microprocessor control and the installation of a post-combustion chamber in which fumes and odors are eliminated, making this technology eco-friendly; - The injection of nebulised liquids during the cycle, which avoids the initiation of self-combustion episodes and allows the detachment of waste materials, making the pyrolytic process the safest and most efficient; - Thanks to the heat it is possible to thoroughly clean the metal parts even from coatings that are difficult to remove and this therefore makes treatment in a pyrolytic oven more effective and faster than treatment in sandblasting or shot blasting machines; furthermore, the thermo-removal process is much less expensive than chemical pickling and other similar processes. The plant is equipped with a system for energy recovery which recover the heat and re-circulate it in the combustion process, thus guaranteeing considerable economies of operation.

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Source: For.Tec. Forniture Tecnologiche S.r.l.

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