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29/01/2022 PaintExpo Eurospray Spray and Filter Technology SL

Eurospray Spray and Filter Technology SL

Custom-made risers and quick-release nozzle assemblies

Pre-treatment tunnels can involve hundreds of spray nozzles across multiple spraying stations. Effective use of the correct spray nozzles can considerably improve the overall finish of the product. These nozzles need to be aligned correctly to optimize the spray. Due to the number of stages and the number of nozzles involved, well-designed spray risers will improve the overall spray performance in the application. As well as a full range of spray nozzles and accessories, EUSPRAY can help with the correct nozzle selection and supply custom-made spray risers, quick-release nozzle assemblies, and complete pre-treatment spraying systems. Our range includes nozzles with multiple varieties of connections, spray angles and, fittings – including threaded and quick-release nozzles and adjustable nozzle holders – to ensure even parts with complex geometrics are evenly covered. ADVANTAGES OF OUR NOZZLES FOR PHOSPHATING, PRE-TREATMENT & PAINTING SYSTEMS • Nozzles available in plastic, brass, and Stainless Steel • Cost-effective • Wide choice of flow rates and spray angles available • Reduced maintenance costs

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