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31/01/2022 PaintExpo CryoSnow GmbH

CryoSnow GmbH 

CO2 snow cleaning - small and powerful

The new CryoSnow CO2 Nozzle Array has been integrated into three painting lines for automotive parts since end of 2021. The product quality for the customers was suddenly improved. The CO2 nozzle array NA-XII-5 with a cleaning width of 200 mm has 12 highly efficient, self-sufficient blasting systems. Due to the low overall weight and the compact design, the robot connection is easy. Compared to concentric two-component nozzles from other suppliers, a higher cleaning quality can be achieved with lower CO2 consumption. Even in 24/7 continuous operation, the CO2 nozzle arrays are wear-free and maintenance-free. The CO2 consumption can be continuously adjusted by controlling pressure and temperature of the liquid CO2 supply. At PaintExpo 2022 we will also present the world`s smallest and lightest CO2 snow blasting machine SJ-5.



Source: CryoSnow GmbH

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