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31/01/2022 PaintExpo CONDOROIL CHEMICAL S.r.l.


CRONO TB is the name of CONDOROIL’s tubular cell

Manufactured using polymeric membranes with low deformability, low electrical resistance and long life! Available in different sizes and models depending on the length, the width and the material of the selected electrode. Very simple to be positioned inside the tank, allowing a quick and easy electrode replacement, without removing the entire cell from the tank, it ensures that the element works even in case of damage, thanks to the electrolyte flow regulation. The most commonly used model is the open top where the electrolyte comes out from an overfull but, on request, the closed model can be obtained if a pressure cell is needed. Compared to the technology based on the use of extruded membranes, Condoroil wound flat membrane has the advantage of having a lower thickness and therefore a lower electrical resistance; this turns out into less heat development which is the main cause of premature aging. In tubular cells, the electrolyte is flowed from above into the electrode and, going up from below, leaves the cell with the excess electrolyte. In traditional cells the flow of water enters the electrode physically touching it inside, while in Condoroil cells it passes through a plastic pipe closed at the opposite end by a plug preventing it from returning to the electrode. In home production by Condoroil translates in: competitive prices and commercial conditions, technical expertise to meet the needs of the customer and support him in relation to problems that may arise, possibility of ad-hoc plant solutions aligned with the principles both of ‘circular-economy’ and ‘sustainability’, as well as dedicated chemical products. Optionals (i. flowmeters), consumables (ii.filters) and spare-parts (iii. UF/RO membranes) complete the offer of CRONO TB Cells by CONDOROIL.

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