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31/01/2022 PaintExpo coatmaster AG

coatmaster AG

Non-contact coating thickness measurement for process control in production

At coatmaster we are constantly working on the development of our devices in order to make non-contact thickness measurement even easier. We have tested every detail of the coatmaster Flex without exception and optimised it for you. The result is nothing less than the best coatmaster Flex ever. Among the most important included innovations are SpectralBlue technology for completely disturbance-free operation, automatic email notifications about the production process and bidirectional communication with the coating line, which enables continuous information on the applied coating thickness automatically synchronized with the coating or ERP system, without a single cable or Bluetooth connection. Now also thanks to our coatmaster 3D it is possible to obtain the imaging coating thickness distribution. Too thick or too thin coated areas can be reliably detected. With a single measuring process, 100,000 measured values are recorded on scalable surfaces of up to 1.5 x 1 m in less than 1s. A cost-effective adaptation of existing systems is also possible, as no image recognition or motion technology is required. Important coating data can be clearly displayed in a cockpit. For example, the average coating thickness in selected areas can now be displayed as a function of time. The length scales in the coating thickness distribution can now be adjusted and factory calibrations provide a quick overview of the coating thickness distribution before and after curing the coating.

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