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31/01/2022 PaintExpo Cabycal


Self-learning painting robots

Painting robots manufactured by Lesta are highly sophisticated machines but at the same time easy to use and manage, dedicated to industrial painting applications. They can be programmed in direct self-learning and/or 3D point-to-point (even off-line). Self-learning remains the most efficient solution in the field of industrial painting. During the programming phase, the operator moves the robot arm (properly balanced, agile and light) and acts on the opening and adjustment of the spray guns. All movements and command signals from the guns are faithfully recorded and stored in the robot control. Therefore, the operator paints the desired piece, immediately evaluating the spraying result. The painter's experience thus becomes a program for the robot. In this way, in a short time, the painting program is saved and it will be ready for the production phase. In the production phase, the robot automatically repeats the selected program, but offers the possibility to modify the process parameters completely or only in some sections. In summary, the robot offers the following main advantages: - repeatability in painting processes - reduction of paint consumption - ease of use Cabycal is the official distributor in Spain for the Lesta products.



Source: Cabycal

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