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02/02/2022 PaintExpo Arsonsisi S.p. A.

Arsonsisi S.p. A.

UV Rays Curing Coatings by Arsonsisi.

Arsonsisi introduces a new range of special liquid coatings called “UVcolor”, aimed at UV-ray curing modern applications and featuring innovative technologies, which satisfy the most exigent requests in the industrial coating market. A wide range of bright and opaque topcoats are available and can be roll, spray or film applied, as well as flow coating applied. It is possible for certain types of applications to formulate and produce UV rays curing coatings with 100% of dry residual, solving the problems of the dangerous emissions in the environment, as well as the water based UV rays curing coatings, as a realistic alternative to UV solvent based system. Arsonsisi provides also a range of base coatings and UV curing for high vacuum metallization, UV rays curing coatings bases for Sputtering and PVD, and for UV LED lamps.

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Source: Arsonsisi S.p. A.

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