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Powder coating, sludge removal and more

During a live presentation, Afotek is coating giveaways in a compact, fully automatic powder coating system. The system represents in addition to the powder coating technology also the company’s shuttle conveyor system (ASF) which can be adapted to the premises of the customer and allows variable cycle times within the system. The visitors will also be informed by presentations and 3D simulations of wet paint coating, dip coating, pre-treatment and drying technologies as well as handling and conveyor systems. Furthermore, Afotek presents the paint sludge removal system Rodap which cleans contaminated process water of water sprinkled paint booths and dust collectors.

AFOTEK GmbH, Erfurter Strasse 17, 36251 Bad Hersfeld, Germany,
Phone +49 6621 50760,
Hall 1, Stand 1130

((Press contact person: Ms Katrin Sinning))

Category: Coating Systems

Afotek_Trade Fair System

ANEST IWATA Deutschland GmbH

Coating technology for the industrial sector

Anest Iwata presents the product range for the application of spray materials in the industrial sector. This program includes pressure-fed paint systems such as double diaphragm pumps, paint pressure tanks, new WS-200 pressure spray guns. Other products which will be showcased are Multi Spray Paint Systems like the new iCon Multi Spray piston pumps and the MSGS-200 Multi Spray gun series as well as Airless Paint Systems (new iCon Airless piston pumps, ALG7 Airless spray guns). Furthermore, the company’s professional spray guns for manual application, equipment for automatic coating and accessories will be exhibited.

ANEST IWATA Deutschland GmbH, Mommsenstrsse 5, 04329 Leipzig, Germany, Phone +49 341 241 443 0,
Hall 1, Stand 1651

((Press contact person: Ms Katja Dorn))

Category: Application technology

arsonsisi s.p.a

Coatings for high vacuum metallization processes

Arsonsisi produces a series of high quality special liquid coatings for the high vacuum metallization technology. They suit specifically the need for protecting a wide range of products even made from innovate materials. The coatings offer good results even on difficult to coat materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene or glass. The base and top coatings are non-toxic products and can be applied by spray technology. They are easily usable and characterized not only by needing short baking times but also optimal adhesions and chemical-physical resistances. Curing pre- and post-metallization coatings with ultraviolet rays for high vacuum metallization processes are also available, as well as water- based base and top coatings to satisfy the market’s needs regarding more ecological products.

arsonsisi s.p.a. Headquarter, Via Settembrini 39, 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy,
Phone +39 02 93754600,
Hall 1, Stand 1149

((Press contact person: Ms. Serena Maretti))

Category: liquid paints

arsonsisi_high vacuum metallization

arsonsisi s.p.a

Innovative coatings for PVD and sputtering processes

Arsonsisi presents a series of high quality special liquid coatings for PVD and Sputtering processes, which allow an almost limitless coating production for metal or other material surfaces in different combinations. The "sputtering" technology is the alternative to the galvanic chroming plating process, considered highly damaging for the health because of the hexavalent chromium. The company’s base and top coatings for PVD and sputtering use non-polluting zero valent metal chrome, offering the same abrasion resistance, same finishes and the use of innovative colours for decorations to be applied on the surface of high quality goods in respect of the environment. In addition, the company produces UV curing coatings and thermosetting coatings for the protection of various elements applied by the PVD and Sputtering technology.

arsonsisi s.p.a. Headquarter, Via Settembrini 39, 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy,
Phone +39 02 93754600,
Hall 1, Stand 1149

((Press contact person: Ms Serena Maretti))

Category: wet paints


arsonsisi s.p.a

E-coats for heating systems

Arsonsisi presents ARSONKOTE, an e-coat line featuring excellent performance combined with great physical and chemical resistance, significant cost savings and simplified management. Customers obtain more tangible benefits in terms of stability, gloss, corrosion resistance protection, remarkable application performance, duration, recoating, aesthetic result, as well as a considerable degree of process automation and respect for the environment. Two distinct types of processes – CED (cathodic) and AED (anodic) – can be used as high penetration primers or as a finish coat with paints specially designed for the heating industry in accordance with RoHS and REACH standards and the most stringent ecological and safety requirements.

arsonsisi s.p.a. Headquarter, Via Settembrini 39, 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy,
Phone +39 02 93754600,
Hall 1, Stand 1149

((Press contact person: Ms Serena Maretti))

Category: e-coats

arsonsisi_ecoat for heating systems

arsonsisi s.p.a

The Geminy System – the Colour Evolution

With the Gemini system Arsonsisi presents a successful innovation in the tinting system market for industrial coatings. It is based on the product philosophy that provides the industry with the opportunity to choose between two tinting systems, created on the basis of a same logic and shared assumptions that ensure continuity of quality and performance. Arsoncolor System and Arsoncolor Hydro System are two complete colour tinting systems based on the same colour pastes selection and the same pigments concentration: Arsoncolor System is the solvent-based range, while Arsoncolor Hydro System is the innovative water-based line, created as an answer to the increasing request of new painting systems with high quality and low emissions.

arsonsisi s.p.a. Industrial Tinting System, Via Campoformido 112, 33100 Udine (UD), Italy, Phone +39 0432 2331412,
Hall 1, Stand 1149

((Press contact person: Ms. Serena Maretti))

Category: tinting paints

arsonsisi s.p.a

Bakteriostatische Pulverlacke für eine gesündere Umwelt

Arsonsisi’s IONatura line is based on advanced technology using the antiseptic properties of silver ions Ag+ to counteract the growth of bacteria and obtain perfectly disinfected surfaces. The powder coatings provide active protection against bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae and fungi. The antiseptic action remains unchanged for a long time and is not affected by normal cleaning operations. Tests carried out at certified biology laboratories, according to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 2801:2000, proved their highly effective antimicrobial properties on surfaces attacked by colonies of several common bacteria. The coatings can be applied with corona or tribo-electric electrostatic systems. They are available in all colours, gloss levels and types of finishes.

arsonsisi s.p.a. Headquarter, Via Settembrini 39, 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy,
Phone +39 02 93754600,
Hall 1, Stand 1149

((Press contact person: Ms. Serena Maretti))

Category: powder coatings

Arsonsisi IONatura powder coatings

arsonsisi s.p.a

Iconic colours for the architectural applications

Looking ahead to the future, Arsonsisi has decided to anticipate forthcoming trends in the design sector. This has led to Top Quality Collection J 20.20, comprising 35 iconic colours, carefully selected for their timeless appeal and that harmoniously merge with all surroundings. A range of carboxyl polyester resin-based thermo-setting powder coatings, which have been cross-linked with non-toxic hardeners free from heavy metals and harmful substances. The collection meets the highest decorative standards thanks to its outstanding mechanical characteristics, aesthetic appeal and its excellent resistance to corrosion and exposure in outdoor environments, guaranteed by Qualicoat Class 1 certification. It is available in pastel colours, textured finishes and metallic effects. The latter have all been bonderized to facilitate their application, evenness and aesthetic appeal.

arsonsisi s.p.a. Headquarter, Via Settembrini 39, 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy,
Phone +39 02 93754600,
Hall 1, Stand 1149

((Press contact person: Ms Serena Maretti))

Category: powder coatings

Arsonsisi_Top Quality Collection

arsonsisi s.p.a

UV-rays curing coatings for highest requirements

Arsonsisi introduces a new range of special liquid coatings called “UVcolor”, aimed at UV-ray curing modern applications. They are featuring innovative technologies, which satisfy the most exigent requests in the industrial coating market. A wide range of bright and opaque topcoats are available and can be roll-, spray- or film-applied, as well as flow coating applied. It is possible for certain types of applications to formulate and produce UV rays curing coatings with 100% of dry residual, solving the problems of the dangerous emissions in the environment, as well as the water-based UV-rays curing coatings, as a realistic alternative to UV solvent based system. The company also provides a range of base coatings and UV curing for high vacuum metallization, UV rays curing coatings bases for Sputtering and PVD.

arsonsisi s.p.a. Headquarter, Via Settembrini 39, 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy,
Phone +39 02 93754600,
Hall 1, Stand 1149

((Press contact person: Ms Serena Maretti))

Category: wet paints

ASIS GmbH Automation Systems & Intelligent Solutions

Fully automated sanding

Sanding was for a long time a process that cannot be automated, at least if very high quality standards have to be reached. The automated sanding process of ASIS GmbH now enables the automatic sanding of different substrates and surfaces, weather plastic, carbon fibre or metal. Standard industrial robots are equipped with the revolutionary electrical sander ASIS ROB-E-Unit in order to achieve reproducible the required quality. To fully automate the process, ASIS GmbH has developed a patented system that changes the abrasives in less than 13 seconds. A complete sanding cell will be exhibited at PaintExpo.

ASIS GmbH, Kiem-Pauli-Strasse 3,84036 Landshut, Germany,
Phone +49 871 276760,
Hall 1, Stand 1601

((Press contact person: Ms Petra Nüssl))

Category: Automation

Becker Industrielack GmbH

Innovative anodized effect

The conventional anodic oxidation process employs an acidic liquid as medium, a process that generates greenhouse emissions in the form of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). By adopting Becker’s new coating application to create an anodized effect on plastic substrates, this process is completely avoided. Plastic substrates can now be finished in a range of anodized effects that closely replicate the appearance of anodized metal. The ‘glimmer’ and ‘grain’ effect is seen from every angle. The grain size and colours of the metallic effect can be adjusted as required. Available in several colours, the new anodized effect coatings are helping transform mobile design.

Becker Industrielack GmbH, Norfer Strasse 3, 41539 Dormagen, Germany, Phone +49 2133 5010,
Hall 3, Stand 3533

((Press contact person: Ms Sunny Gürntke))

Kategorie: wet paints

Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co. Ltd.

Barite Powder Used in Paints

Barium sulfate is superior to most other filler powders. It has the characteristics of low agglomerate, low light dispersion and fine particles. It is especially suitable for pigment finish, varnish, spray paint and so on. It has chemical and weatherability resistance, is inert and insoluble in organic intermediaries such as water, acid and alkali, with excellent gloss and fine particle size, which can be maintained in the long term exposure of the finish. Barium sulfate is recommended for topcoat, which can increase surface hardness and color stability. It has high filling too, and can be applied to all painting series, such as primer, thick coating of all types, size and distribution of its low flowability and specific surface area of particles.

Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co. Ltd., Dongcheng Dist, Beijing 100010, China, Phone +86 10 5864 6590,
Halle 3, Stand 3229

((Press contact person: Ms. Amy Zhang))

Category: raw materials

Blastman Robotics Ltd

Automatically it blasts better

The blast cleaning of large metallic machine and plant components before painting is a complex and dangerous process. With robots specially developed for blasting, which will be showcased at PaintExpo by Blastman Robotics, such work cannot only be carried out faster and safer, but also cheaper and with higher quality. In combination with a cabin, these robots can even be used as a manipulator for the blasting of individual parts or special components. The operator controls the functions of the blast robot easily via joysticks, as it is the case today with many machines and devices. The control cabins are well isolated and fully air-conditioned and operate at a slight overpressure to prevent the ingress of noise and dust.

Blastman Robotics Ltd, Schinkelstrasse 55, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany,
Phone +49 211 490890,
Hall 2, Stand 2146

((Press contact person: Mr. Heiko Reski))

Category: pre-treatment / blasting

Blastman B20CX 1


Single-step process for metal pretreatment

Chemtec presents Toran 3, an unique and innovative metal pretreatment process, currently used in more than 450 industrial plants over 25 Countries. It is the only single step (without rinsing) pretreatment system, working at room temperature (no heat), without any water use and any waste creation (never dispose the product). This multi-metal process is compatible with powder coating or wet paint and it is developed to replace iron and – in some situations – zinc phosphate, for cleaning and preparing parts to be painted in less than 10 minutes. The process works by dipping or spraying in very simple, small and economical plants, it is free of dangerous components and it is the greenest pretreatment process available.

CHEMTEC S.r.l., Via A. da Giussano 36/O, 20011 Corbetta (MI), Italy
Phone +39 02 92867461,
Hall 2, Stand 2623

((Press contact person: Ms Claudia Vignati))

Category: pre-treatment


Efficient powder coating

As one result of the company’s research for environmentally friendly products, Cinkarna will present the powder coating Ekolak. It boasts a number of ecological and technical features, which makes it so competitive to classical coatings. Because of this, it is mainly intended for the protection of domestic appliances housings, car industry components, metal accessories and many more.

CINKARNA Metallurgical and Chemical Industry, Celje, Inc., Kidričeva 26, 3001 Celje, Slovenija, Phone + 386 3 4276228,
Hall 3, Stand 3136

((Press contact person: Andrej Čuček))

Category: powder coatings

Clemco Denmark A/S

Robotic system for low VOC / high solid paint systems

Clemco Denmark is specialized of the supply of very durable and advanced robotic systems for shot blasting, metallization and spray painting for very large steel structures. Some of the hottest news from the company this year is to spray 3-component high solid paints with robots. The company has created a robotic system tailored to low VOC / high solid paint systems. By measuring the ambient humidity and temperature; it can control the changes in pot-life, and run different flush cycles due to changes in temperature and humidity.

Clemco Danmark A/S, Niels Bohrs Vej 40, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark,
Phone + 45 7013 1030,
Hall 3, Stand 3416

((Press contact person: Ms Fie Iuel))

Category: automation

CMA Robotics spa

Self-learning programming

CMA Robotics is specialized in the production of anthropomorphic robots for painting application, with specific application any kind of material. The company’s product flexibility is extended to the programming system where together with the traditional point to point system it can offer self-learning and automatic recognition and programming. For self-learning programming the operator guides the robot manually, via a joystick, through a complete spraying cycle on a sample piece. The control computer stores all the paths and commands and can then repeat them faithfully at the desired speed. This learning method makes the use of the robot extremely simple because, while the sample piece is made, the program to be stored can be checked and any errors can be rectified easily. It is therefore very useful to spray complex-shaped pieces.

CMA Robotics spa, Via Pier Paolo Pasolini No. 35/15, 33040 Pradamano (UD), Italy, Phone +39 0432 640172,
Hall 1, Stand 1341

((Press contact person: Mr. Luca Gallo))

Category: automation

Consus Sp. Z o.o

A perfect finish for your decorative painting

Perfectly even and deep color for decorative painting with transparent colors - the MG series from Consus allows obtaining transparent coatings on a chrome substrate. The use of this series of colored transparent eliminates all problems with decorative spraying with standard transparent coatings. You always get the same color regardless of the differences in the thickness of the coating, based on the chromium coating. Applying the appropriate silver color base paint, and then covering it with a clear coat with different gloss levels (full-gloss, semi-gloss and matt).

Consus Sp. Z o.o, 39-200 Debica, Metalowców 25, Poland
Phone +48 14 6814236,
Hall 3, Stand 3459

((Press contact person: Mr. Paweł Piłat))

Category: powder coatings

Convergent Information Technologies GmbH

Lackier-Roboter schneller programmieren!

At PaintExpo 2018, Convergent Information Technologies will present the latest Software developments for robotic painting of complex parts and high variant products – resulting e.g. from customization and components. The key features of the innovations presented are: significantly accelerated generation and optimization of paint robot programs, scalable to up to thousands of variants and automated planning methods as initially developed for lot size 1 applications like spot repair of coated surfaces. The company is a leading provider of software for automated robot programming and robot offline programming. Every year millions of robot programs are generated with AUTOMAPPPS software.

Convergent Information Technologies GmbH, Schulstrasse 2, 4053 Haidt,
Austria, Phone +43 681 10722671,
Hall 1, Stand 1622

((Press contact person: Mr. Christof Eberst))

Category: automation

Example for programming robots: powder-coating with line-tracking

Dr. Hönle AG

UV curing units for industrial coatings on three-dimensional components

At PaintExpo UV specialist Hönle presents their UV curing units for industrial coatings on three-dimensional components. The high-performance UV driers of the product series UVAPRINT and pureUV are available with all standard spectra and arc lengths from 100 mm to 2.600 mm. Due to their compact and lightweight design they can be easily integrated into any manufacturing process. An external air supply/exhaust makes the UV units compatible to the clean room. Also in the assortment is a wide range of LED-UV curing units, for example LED Powerline, which is available in different variants and lengths. The company turns special attention on a modular system concept.

Dr. Hönle AG, Lochhamer Schlag 1, 82166 Gräfelfing, Germany,
Phone +49 89 856080,
Hall 1, Stand 1423

((Press contact person: Ms Catherine Gettert))

Category: curing / UV curing

Ecco Finishing AB

Category: application technology

France Tanneries is a manufacturer of finished leather skins for French luxury hand bags. In 2011, France Tanneries converted its luxury goods line to include Ecco HVLP spray guns. The spray line is mixing both solvent borne and water borne materials adding to the complexity of keeping the spray guns in good working condition. The best solution to minimize spare parts consumption is to use leather packings. After six years of heavy use, the original spray guns are still in use without a single spare part ever needed. Contributing to this success is good training of the maintenance crew and best practice of air cap and nozzle cleaning. Ecco HVLP spray guns perform best with an air pressure ranging from 0.4 to 0.7 bar providing excellent finishing results and great savings. Similar reliable guns are used in plastics, ceramics and automotive.

Ecco Finishing AB, Afsengatan 6, 532 22 Skara, Sweden,
Hall 2, Stand 2147

((Press contact person: Janette Roser))

Category: application technology

Ecco Finishing AB

New automatic spray guns

A quality spray gun is the single most important components in achieving top quality end-result, cost efficiency and trouble-free production. Thanks to their to their high performance, reliability and durability, Ecco’s high end guns Ecco 75AP and Ecco 70 AS are often used on non-robot equipped spray lines i.e. spindle lines. With Ecco 51AS, Ecco 52AS and Ecco 72AS the company is introducing a new range of spray guns. Ecco 51AS with straight mounting and Ecco 52AS via base plate mounting are the most economic solutions using technology already proven on Ecco 68AS. The new gun types will fit most lines where purchase price is critical. The 3rd newly developed gun, Ecco 72AS, is a high end industrial base plate mounted spray gun in all stainless steel. The design uses the proven sturdiness and functionality from Ecco 75AP. Ecco 72AS is the most robust and efficient industrial spray gun Ecco ever designed, well suited for the most demanding conditions.

Ecco Finishing AB, Afsengatan 6, 532 22 Skara, Sweden,
Hall 2, Stand 2147

((Press contact person: Ms Janette Roser))

Category: application technology

Ecco Finishing_Automatic spray gun Ecco 51AS

Ecopolifix S.r.l.-Socio Unico

Superdurable powder coatings for architectural applications

Ecopolifix, powder coatings specialist, will present its Qualicoat-certified, high-performance class 1 and 2 powder coatings for aluminum profiles at PaintExpo. The modern construction industry places high demands on coating solutions. The superdurable polyester-based powder coatings with excellent weather resistance, flexibility and adhesion properties, are specifically designed to meet these requirements. Thus, they are the ideal coating solution for outdoor architectural applications. The company offers over 480 Qualicoat-approved, customized and environmentally friendly products ex stock. Additionally, the Qualicoat Class 2 product solutions can be designed in all RAL colours.

Ecopolifix S.r.l.-Socio Unico, Head Office – Factory 2, Via Strada del Confine, 41, 36056 Tezze Sul Brenta (VI), Italy, Phone +39 0423 755043,
Hall 2, Stand 2128

((Press contact person: Anna Quatchadze))

Category: powder coatings

Brainflash Patententwicklungs GmbH

The unrivalled original

Edrizzi paint mist separators, cubes made of 100% used paper, revolutionized the coating industry 15 years ago. The system absorbs up to 100 kg overspray/m². The change from wet to dry absorption eliminates all chemicals in the separation process and lowers energy costs significantly. Cubes that have reached absorption capacity are practically disposed of like ordinary domestic waste thus reduce cost intensive special waste. The flexible, modular system can be implemented in any kind of plant of the coatings industry. It became synonymous for dry separation in a „cardboard box“, which inspired other manufacturers to produce replications. The trend towards dry absorption is to be welcomed in consideration of environment protection. Though, due to the existing patent protection, replicas lack important features of the original system, which leads to limitations in function and disposal.

Brainflash Patententwicklungs GmbH, Bründlagerweg 12, 9900 Lienz, Austria, Phone +43 4852 72674,
Hall 1, Stand 1110 (Nittmann Filter),
Hall 2, Stand 2630 (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies)

((Press contact person: Ms Andrea Zanier, azett kommunikation, Kreuzgasse 10, 9900 Lienz, Austria))

Category: plant engineering / overspray separation

Brainflash Patententwicklungs GmbH

Highly flexible cube

Edrizzi paint mist separators, cubes made of 100% used paper, absorbs up to 100 kg overspray/m². The change from wet to dry absorption eliminates all chemicals in the separation process and lowers energy costs significantly. The flexible, modular system can be implemented in any kind of plant of the coating industry. This includes the integration into a paint-shop for the automotive industry in air circulation mode with multistage follow up filtration. The boxes are built in vertically in the subsurface area, which allows ergonomically and timesaving exchange of saturated boxes. Considering the designated airflow slow down zone, the first follow up filtration is installed after the dry scrubbers. As second follow up filtration serve pocket filters in the exhaust air area. Recirculation air flows through the heat exchanger and the inlet air ceiling, fitted with Viledon filter mats, into the paint shop.

Brainflash Patententwicklungs GmbH, Bründlagerweg 12, 9900 Lienz, Austria, Phone +43 4852 72674,
Hall 1, Stand 1110 (Nittmann Filter),
Hall 2, Stand 2630 (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies)

((Press contact person: Ms Andrea Zanier, azett kommunikation, Kreuzgasse 10, 9900 Lienz, Austria))

Category: plant engineering / overspray separation

Elcometer Instruments GmbH

Full range of coating inspection and testing products

Elcometer is exhibiting a full range of coating inspection and testing products at PaintExpo. This programme includes Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauges and probes for measurement of coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The Elcometer Ultrasonic MTG Material Thickness Gauges and PTG Precision Thickness Gauges are used to determine the thickness of a wide range of different materials and the Elcometer 500 Ultrasonic Concrete Coating Thickness Gauges to measure protective coatings on structures. Additionally, the ElcoMaster and ElcoMaster Mobile data management software for digital electronic gauges will be showcased as well as the range of Physical Test products for coatings, including viscosity, film applicators, drying-time, hardness and washability testers.

Elcometer Limited, Edge Lane, Manchester, M43 6BU, England,
Telefon +44 161 3716000,
Hall 3, Stand 3350

((Press contact person: Ms Nanette P. E. Sellars))

Category: measurement technology

ensutec Products GmbH

Atomizing optimization saves paint

The airmatic atomizing optimisation of ensutec Products has acquired an excellent reputation for its efficiency and reliability within many companies covering nearly all industries involved in painting and coating. The key advantages are surely the considerable savings in paint consumption and consequently in VOC-relevant solvents. Another benefit is the saving of compressed air while having better quality on the surface. The noticeable reduction in overspray and a lower contamination of the spray booth are additional strong arguments to implement the system. It optimizes the paint atomization and extends the SB50 and the application efficiency. Furthermore, the compressed air can be heated or cooled so that the painting processes will be more material- and energy efficient.

ensutec Products GmbH, Keltenstrasse 13, 88499 Altheim, Germany,
Phone +49 7371 96664-20,
Hall 2, Stand 12328

((Press contact person: Ms. Petra Gaugel))

Category: compressed air

ensutec Products GmbH - airmatic

ensutec Products GmbH

Custom made solutions for environmental and surface technology

Ensutec Engineering offers custom-made solutions regarding all areas of surface and environmental technologies. The core competence is the planning of new painting lines, as well as the optimization of existing plants and processes. The company supports customers worldwide with wide-ranging knowledge based on the individual requirements of industry clients as well as analyzing existing processes and identifying saving and improvement potentials. In the area of environmental management, the company develops approval documentation according to solvent-balance sheets and reduction plans. Together with clients, Ensutec develops targeted implementations and realization steps, consults according to PIUS and also carries out external environmental audits.

ensutec Engineering, 88499 Altheim, Germany, Phone +49 7371 909123,
Hall 2, Stand 2328

((Press contact person: Ms Petra Gaugel))

Category: consulting

ensutec Products GmbH

Smart 2-C coating reduces costs for paint-overspray removal

Ensutec Products GmbH offers with its Fematop a highly cost efficient and environmental friendly alternative to paint-overspray removal for floor metal grids. The floor metal grids are coated in a simple process. The coating creates a “sacrifice-layer” on the cleaned grids. Because of the multiplex technique, this coating can be used over a long period before a new coating is required. The period depends on the amount of overspray and type of paint material. The grids contaminated with paint can simply be brushed off with a hard stiffed broom. There are nearly no long standstill-times for the paint cabins. Users experience considerable cost savings of up to 80% versus the traditional cleaning costs as no removal-, transport-, cleaning- and reinstallation costs occur .

ensutec Products GmbH, Keltenstrasse 13, 88499 Altheim, Germany,
Phone +49 7371 96664-20,
Hall 2, Stand 2328

((Press contact person: Ms Petra Gaugel))

Category: paint removal

Ensutec Products GmbH - fematop -


Hoses and nozzles for many applications

Exitflex, a well-known manufacturer of paint spraying hoses and accessories for surface technology, presents itself for the first time at the Paint Expo and will showcase the following products. Airless paint spray nozzle, nozzles for air-assisted airless systems as well as ball u. cylinder turning nozzles. HP-Gun and Z-swivels up to 500bar, Fittings, adapter and reductions nipple. An almost unlimited selection of paint spray hoses for conventional spray technology, air assisted airless hoses up to 700bar in the range of 1/8” to 1” suitable for almost all paint spray equipment of known manufacturers. Air-, PTFE-and powder hoses are also a part of our product range as a selection of protective and sleeve hoses. The company supports with HP manifold filters, gun filter and filters for suction systems.

EXITFLEX SA, Chemin de la Crétaux 2, 1196 Gland, Switzerland,
Phone +41 22 9999294,
Hall 3, Stand 3445

((Press contact person: Mr. Claude Wieland))

Category: accessories

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE & Co. KG

Dry separation made easy

The trend towards dry paint mist separation in paint shops continues unabated. The new version of the Federal Immission Control Act further intensifies the requirements for wet separation systems. At Paint Expo 2018, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies will be presenting efficient and economical filtration solutions for dry separation. One example is the ingeniously easy-to-use Edrizzi paint mist separator made from fire-retardant corrugated cardboard, another is the high-quality filter plates DryPleat and DryPleat nano. At PaintExpo Viledon experts will be explaining how easy it is to convert from “wet to dry” separation. They will also be on hand to answer questions about the now freely combinable Viledon filterCair service modules, which help optimize the entire painting process.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE & Co. KG, Höhnerweg 2-4,
69465 Weinheim, Germany, Phone +49 6201 806106,
Hall 2, Stand 2630

((Press contact person: Ms Tina Müller))

Category: separation systems


Systems for surface treatment

At PaintExpo, Galatek will inform about machines and equipment for surface treatment such as pre-treatment, coating lines for wet and powder coating, drying and curing ovens as well as a complete system for the management and visualization of the technological process to a wide range of clients, particularly medium to large sized companies. In entirety, the company selects and verifies the most suitable technological process applicable and draw up design plans. This equipment is thoroughly researched and developed, the next stages being manufacture and installation.

GALATEK a.s., Na Pláckách 647, 58401 Ledeč nad Sázavou, Czech Republic, Phone +420 569 714232,
Halle 3, Stand 3138

((Press contact person: Ms Petra Bártová))

Category: coating systems

Gekatex SAS

Solutions for technical wiping and polishing

Gekatex offers a variety of product ranges in order to answer technical wiping challenges: tack Rags, developed with an ideal formulation to capture dust without any transfer of product on the treated surfaces. Pre-saturated wipes for degreasing operations. Dry wipes, from disposable nonwovens microfilaments to heavier knitted washable wipes, to make cleaning operations easy and lightning-fast. Solvent wipes, developed to degrease and clean car bodies, are extremely hard-wearing and resistant to the most aggressive solvents. Sealant wipes, perfectly designed to remove all excess sealant from the spatula or applicator as well as sealant spilling. Cleanroom supplies to keep controlled areas safe from all particles. Robot protection covers to assure a longer life to the equipment.

Gekatex SAS, 181 Rue Léon Beauchamp, 59930 La Chapelle
D’Armentières, France, Phone +33 3 20 17 97 00,
Hall 2, Stand 2150

((Press contact person: Ms Christelle Duchaussoir))

Category: accessoires


Gema Switzerland GmbH

Higher productivity with customized powder coating systems

Focus on innovations and customized solutions are the key slogans of the Gema product presentation at PaintExpo. High quality products and the latest application technologies are developed and produced at the Gema headquarters in St.Gallen. A demonstration lab, equipped with the latest technology, is at the customers' disposal. The coating results achieved are the basis to determine a customized solution for each powder coating system, resulting in maximum productivity and excellent product quality. Customers profit from highest levels of application quality, reduced powder consumption and fastest color change technology. The worldwide service network guarantees professional support as and when required.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St.Gallen,
Switzerland, T +41 71 313 83 00,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: Systems and equipment for powder coating

Gema Switzerland GmbH

The powerful duo for complex powder coatings

The new vertical reciprocator ZA13 in combination with the new gun axis UA04 by Gema guarantees perfect coating results for complex application tasks and difficult object geometries. The vertical reciprocator has a loading capacity of up to 100 kg and can be equipped with max. 6 gun axes type UA04, which has a maximum stroke-length of 2200 mm and is therefore ideal for the coating of big parts. The modern drive technology of the axis with servo motor and toothed belt transmission allows pinpoint feed motion of the automatic guns as well as high dynamic of the infeed movement. As a result complex parts are coated in high quality and challenging application tasks are solved optimally. Other product highlights are the integrated cleaning function of the guns via blow-off for a clean working environment and the compact and space-saving design of both axes.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen,
Switzerland, Phone +41 71 3138300,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: application technology

Gema Switzerland GmbH

State-of-the-art injector technology

The new generation of Gema OptiFlow injector is the first choice for efficient control of the powder output. The innovative single-part cartridge design is a cost-effective solution that enables easy access and exchange of the cartridge. A reliable and constant performance is ensured by simply exchanging the cartridge without replacing the whole injector. The unique design with 135° open angle reduces wear and guarantees a constant powder flow over the long term. Fewer components in combination with the state-of-the-art injector design ensures the fastest color changes are achieved. All connections are equipped with a robust quick release mechanism, enabling time-saving access to all parts. This “Plug & Convey” feature accelerates the maintenance and color change times. The new injector can be flexibly integrated into new or existing coating systems.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen,
Switzerland, Phone +41 71 3138300,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: application technology

Gema Inline Injector IG07

Gema Switzerland GmbH

The pioneering interface for Smart Factory Automation

With the new generation of MagicControl system, the coating process becomes even more manageable, through simple control of all aspects of the application, axes and entire coating booth system. The control system operates as an interface for the automation of the powder coating process and enables intelligent networking of all application components. As a result the production process is optimized and the Line Management efficiency can be maximized with relevant operating data retrievable at any time. The extensive functions of MagicControl 4.0 enable the highest quality results to be achieved and replicated even on the most demanding and complex components. With MagicControl 4.0 all system components, warnings and error messages as well as storage of application programs can be simply controlled.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen,
Switzerland, Phone +41 71 3138300,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: application technology

Gema Switzerland GmbH

Manual Coating for heavy corrosion protection

The new OptiFlex2 F Spray manual unit of Gema is specially designed for applications that require high film builds or constant powder outputs. This goal is achieved by using the OptiSpray AP01 application pump, which works with an innovative single-chamber design based on the SIT (Smart Inline Technology) concept. This configuration guarantees a constant and reproducible coating result over a long period of time, even with challenging powders. The use of the OptiSpray AP01 unit enables easy and quick color changes and powder savings of up to 15%. The spray manual unit is available in different configurations: the OptiFlex2 F Spray version with one AP01 pump achieves a powder output of up to 300 g/min. The model version with two AP01 pumps handles a powder output of up to 600 g/min is suitable for heavy-duty corrosion protection and the coating of pre-heated parts.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen, Switzerland
Phone +41 71 3138300,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: application technology

Gema Switzerland GmbH

Color change in 35 seconds

The new manual unit Optiflex2 Q by Gema is an extended version of the successful OptiFlex2 B, enhanced with additional features for even faster color changes. One of the highlight of this product is the automatic cleaning of the suction tube as it is raised. The powder dust is extracted to the booth via an exhaust hose. The automatic cleaning of all components containing powder is achieved with pulses of compressed air. This process is started on the control unit. In addition to super-fast color changes, OptiFlex2 Q can handle any type of powder and unlimited number of colors, uses minimal space and guaranties a short payback time.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen, Switzerland
Phone +41 71 3138300,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: application technology

Gema Optiflex2 Q

Gema Switzerland GmbH

Spray manual units for highest coating efficiency

The manual application series OptiFlex 2 Spray series by Gema is specially designed for applications that require high film builds or stable powder outputs.This goal is achieved by using the OptiSpray AP01 application pump, which works with an innovative single-chamber design based on the SIT (Smart Inline Technology) concept. The series is available in two different model versions: The OptiFlex2 B Spray model conveys the powder directly from the original box, which is ideal for fast color changes. A powder output of up to 300 g/min can be achieved. The OptiFlex2 F Spray unit transports the powder from the fluidized powder container with a powder output of up to 600 g/min (with two AP01 pumps). This version is suitable for coating of pre-heated parts and heavy-duty corrosion protection.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen,
Switzerland, Phone +41 71 3138300,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: application technology

Gema Switzerland GmbH

Die Revolution in der Pulverapplikation

Mit der neuen OptiSpray AP01 präsentiert Gema eine neue Applikationstechnologie, die einen konstanten und reproduzierbaren Pulverausstoss für hoch qualitative Beschichtungsergebnisse über lange Produktionszeiträume garantiert. Das eingesetzte SIT Prinzip bewirkt eine besonders schonende Pulverförderung und beste Farbwechseleigenschaften. Die Applikationstechnologie eignet sich für alle Pulvertypen und Qualitäten, wie Metallic Pulver. Das kompakte Design der AP01 erlaubt eine platzsparende Integration in das bewährte OptiCenter und ermöglicht im Zusammenhang mit der neuen Generation von Beschichtungsgeräten eine überlegene Applikationsleistung für konstante Beschichtungsqualität und Pulvereinsparungen.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen, Schweiz,
Telefon +41 71 3138300,
Halle 2, Stand 2426

((Ansprechpartnerin Presse: Peggy Nussbaumer))

Kategorie: Applikationstechnik

Gema Optispray AP01

Gema Switzerland GmbH

The pioneering interface for Smart Factory Automation

With the new generation of MagicControl system, the coating process becomes even more manageable, through simple control of all aspects of the application, axes and entire coating booth system. The control system operates as an interface for the automation of the powder coating process and enables intelligent networking of all application components. As a result the production process is optimized and the Line Management efficiency can be maximized with relevant operating data retrievable at any time. The extensive functions of MagicControl 4.0 enable the highest quality results to be achieved and replicated even on the most demanding and complex components. With MagicControl 4.0 all system components, warnings and error messages as well as storage of application programs can be simply controlled.

Gema Switzerland GmbH, Moevenstrasse 17, 9015 St. Gallen,
Switzerland, Phone +41 71 3138300,
Hall 2, Stand 2426

((Press contact person: Ms Peggy Nussbaumer))

Category: application technology

Gema MagicControl

H2O GmbH

Efficient wastewater treatment

Cleaner, better, cheaper – the quality requirements in surface technology processes are growing continuously. That’s why H2O GmbH is developing efficient solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater. With the Vacudest vacuum evaporators, the H2O customers not only save the environment, but also their money. The evaporators are available in six machine sizes and 17 performance variables. The latest member of the product family is Vacudest XXL. With 30.000 m³/year it has the largest capacity ever. Thanks to patented technologies, the units achieve an almost crystal clear treatment of industrial wastewater, which is ideally suited for reuse in the production process. As a result of the cycle management, a large part of the disposal costs are saved and valuable fresh water resources are spared.

H2O GmbH, Wiesenstrasse 32, 79585 Steinen, Germany,
Phone +49 7627 92390,
Hall 1, Stand 1611^

((Press contact person: Ms Jill Grosjean))

Category: wastewater treatment


Solutions for water treatment

Idrotecnica is specialized in realizing devices for the demineralization and recirculation of water in washing sections. The applied systems are reverse osmosis, ionic exchange and electro-deionization. As all the utilities of a primary plant, as a washing or a painting line, the water demineralizer has to be certainly solid and reliable, but also simple and user-friendly. Aware of these points the company designs and realizes its plant with focus on reliability and user-friendliness.

IDROTECNICA SRL, Via Sardorella, 125, 16162 Genova, Italy,
Phone +39 010 71165,
Hall 2, Stand 2643

((Press contact person: Ms Manuela Lombardo))

Category: water treatment

Isolcell S.p.A.

Cost reduction of up to 40% through nitrogen

lsolcell has developed a technology that saves up to 40% of the costs of painting, by replacing compressed air with nitrogen produced on-site. The nitrogen produced by Genion, based on PSA technology, (Pressure Swing Adsorption) is highly pure, contamination-free with extremely low dew point. The system has been tested by leading automotive manufacturers, with excellent results T solution achieves superior results on any type of surface (wood, plastic, glass, metals and more). Additional advantages are savings in paint consumption, improved coating quality, reduced application and drying times.

Isolcell S.p.A., Via A. Meucci 7, 39055 Laives (BZ), Italy,
Phone +39 0471 954050,
Hall 3, Stand 3547

((Press contact person: Mr. Vitali Venska))

Category: application technology


Rapid car body paint inspection on-the-fly: immaculate surfaces at minimal cycle times

The Car Paint Vision system with Isra Vision’s Paintscan sensor allows flexible, robot-guided 100% inline quality control for vehicle paintwork. Immediately after the drying process, the system detects, classifies and marks defects such as coating and pigment defects, inclusions, scratches and indentations. With its high precision, reliability and speed, automated paint inspection, the system thus delivers crucial time and cost benefits compared to inspection with the human eye. The system also combines deflectometric 3D measuring methods with the speed of 2D surface inspection to produce inline deflectometry – the only process of its kind in the world, setting new standards in process-integrated quality assurance.

ISRA VISION AG, Industriestrasse 14, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany,
Phone +49 6151 9480,
Hall 3, Stand 3450

((Press contact person: Ms Nicole Rüffer))

Category: quality control


Powder coating for various applications

Jotun present at PaintExpo powder Coatings for a range of industries such as appliances, furniture, architecture, MDF materials, pipelines, transportation, energy and other metal fabrication industries. The products offer various solutions depending on what the requirements are: low environmental impact, high material utilization, flexible curing times, thin film applications, good weathering resistance, trendy colors and much more. In addition to the products, the company provides professional coating advice for the project in question, suggestions for the best solution and optimum work process for customers coating lines, coating plant audit and certification where required as well as on-site training of staff for continuous improvement.

JOTUN CZECH a.s., Na Rovném 866, 400 04 Trmice, Czech Republic,
Phone +420 477 828973,
Hall 3, Stand 3146

((Press contact person: Ms Jitka Ehlová))

Category: powder coatings

KEWESTA Fördertechnik GmbH

Industry 4.0 in Surface Coating Technology

What does the future look like in the field of surface coating technology? This question is answered by Kewesta Fördertechnik GmbH under the keyword "Industry 4.0" at this year's PaintExpo. The linking of equipment and systems is also becoming even more important in the field of surface coating technology. Today, increasingly intelligent structures enable sophisticated production, in due consideration of maximum throughput and utilization of individual subareas. Colour changes are optimized from computer and orders are automatically arranged. This is demonstrated with the help of a tangible project, where visitors, with VR glasses, can experience the designing and the operation of a complex coating plant realistically in the virtual world.

KEWESTA Fördertechnik GmbH, Industriestrasse 2-6, 63526 Erlensee,
Germany, Phone +49 6183 91680,
Hall 1, Stand 1550

((Press contact person: Ms Grace Kupka))

Category: conveyor technology

KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH

Complete solutions for waste water treatment

KMU Loft Cleanwater offers innovative complete solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater based on the vacuum evaporator technology. Thus up to 98% recyclable distillate from wastewater of such good quality is recovered that it can be returned to the process cycle. An economical and virtually wastewater-free cycle is created. The company’s new evaporator generation KLC-Master Line sets new standards for Industry 4.0, offers individual and integrable function modules in a reduced footprint, optimized energy consumption and best distillate quality without further use of peripherals. Thus the innovative water management system offers the possibility of zero liquid discharge production and reduces the life cycle costs.

KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 30,
72138 Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany, Phone +49 7121 96830,
Hall 3, Stand 3311

((Press contact person: Ms Nancy Boy))

Category: water treatment

MJ International Trading GmbH

Hightech painting equipment for all industrial sectors

MJ Company offers complete series of automatic painting equipment, from automatic air spray guns to automatic electrostatic spray guns, to high speed electrostatic rotary atomizers. The professional products can meet various application in all fields. The highlights at PaintExpo include: two colors electrostatic auto air spray gun MEA658C for robot, Mini high speed electrostatic rotary atomizer MEB928R for small robot, specialized MEB958C equipped with double shaping design, 2 colors automatic fast changing, bell cup automatic cleaning, high voltage generator with fast discharger for robot painting in the automobile industry.

MJ International Trading GmbH, Vinzentiusstrasse 14, 68789 St. Leon-Rot, Germany, Phone: +49 6227 3980034,

Mingjie Coating Technologies Co., Ltd., No.7 Building 1,
Qsinghua Science Park, Langfang, Hebei Province, China 065000
Phone: +86 316 2203006,
Hall 1, Stand 1350

((Press contact person: Ms Yajie Duan))

Category: application technology

Mode Kartela Boya Reklam Ltd. Şti.

Perfect color samples

Mode Colors produces marketing tools including powder-coated, wet-coated and custom-coated panellings according to the desires of companies. At the same time, the company serves as a new developing colour model agency that brings out colour portfolio regarding trends and customer preferences.

Mode Kartela Boya Reklam Ltd. Şti., Cumhuriyet Mah. 6700/2 Sok. No:14 Karşıyaka, Izmir, Turkey, Phone +90 533 3188757,
Hall 3, Stand 3101

((Press contact person: Mr. Sezgin AKAR))

Category: accessories / color samples

Moldow A/S

Experience a Full-scale, Operating Painting Line at PaintExpo

“Industry 4.0”, “digitalization”, “simulation” – terms and concepts which will become increasingly relevant in the industry of the future. At PaintExpo, Moldow will showcase the future of painting plant design and construction. The company will be demonstrating how to rethink design, installation, commissioning, service and training of turn-key painting plants by using Virtual Reality. Visitors are invited to a virtual tour of a full-scale, operating painting line to experience how the use of virtual reality can be used to create excellent plant overview and better understanding of the plant design.

Moldow A/S, Jørgen Hansens Vej 1, 6670 Holsted, Denmark,
Phone +45 75 392644,
Hall 3, Stand 3116

((Press contact person: Ms Helene Ipsen))

Category: coating systems


Powder coatings for architectural and industrial applications

Neokem has been mainly producing electrostatic powder coatings for architectural, industrial and other special applications. The architectural powders are designed to have an improved performance and extended lifetime. When it comes to the protection of coated objects, this can have a significant beneficial impact on the sustainability of the entire product life cycle. The industrial powder coatings are also designed to cover the needs of the most demanding industrial applications. Driven by the highest quality standards, the powder coatings provide outstanding appearance, high application efficiency, and the lowest waste rate possible. The industrial product offering includes low-temperature powder coating solutions, in smooth, as well as coarse and fine-textured finishes.

Neokem SA, Ag. Georgiou 95, 19400 Koropi, Attiki, Greece,
Phone +30 210 6626860,
Hall 1, Stand 1248

((Press contact person: Mr. Alexandros Bisbikas))

Category: powder coatings

Nordson Deutschland GmbH

Productivity at its most economical

The personally selected color of many everyday articles expresses the owner’s individual taste and the paintwork of technical components may convey their place of origin. Since the demand for customizable products is rising right along with competitive and cost pressures, the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of coating systems are playing an increasingly decisive role. The solution is to streamline processes (“lean manufacturing”) while minimizing material usage to cut production costs and increase profits. At this year’s PaintExpo, Nordson will show the appropriate coating solutions with a variety of dense phase applications and end user products.

Nordson Deutschland GmbH, Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 42, 40699 Erkrath,
Germany, Phone +49 211 9205534,
Hall 2, Stand 2440

((Press contact person: Ms Corinna Hellwig))

Category: application technology

1_Nordson: Powder coating application with PowderPilot HD advanced control system and integrated network interface for production data acquisition, system status monitoring and remote diagnosis

OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH

Lighting systems for industrial surface inspection

OLIGO surface controls will showcase lighting systems for industrial surface inspection and color matching. The developed special optics enable a fast and easy detection of defects in the production processes and increase the productivity in all coating processes. To show the principle of OLIGO surface controls fixtures we show the newest optics with LED technology. We will exhibit a light tunnel principle as a model with a full-automatic controller. ColorMatching cabin is also strength of oligo surface controls. There for we show the special ColorControlOptics (CCO). Also we will present our newest generation of controllers with touchscreen.

OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH, Lange Felder 6, 19309 Lenzen, Germany,
Phone +49 38792 9850,
Hall 3, Stand 3632

((Press contact person: Ms Julia Gottschalk))

Category: quality control

Orbita S.r.l.

Chains and bearings for conveyors

Orbita will present chains and bearings for overhead conveyors, components that represent the company’s main activity. Among the products and services offered, there are overhead and ground chains suitable for normal use conditions or for curing ovens up to 220°C. For those processes that require superior performances, the company also provides stainless steel overhead and ground chains (AISI 420 and 340), suitable for heating ovens up to 450°C. The company also provides the design of different type of special chains, for every kind of application, according to customers’ needs. The range is completed by rolling bearings, available on drawing or samples, rolls of all diameters and lengths for every type of application (waterlight, stainless steel, etc.).

Orbita S.r.l., Via Parini 17, 23861 Cesana Brianza (LC), Italy,
Phone +39 031 655727,
Hall 1, Stand 1332

((Press contact person: Mr. Massimo Roda))

Category: conveyor technology

planetroll GmbH & Co. KG

Agitators for the paint and coatings industry

The ATEX- and NON-ATEX agitators developed by Planetroll for the paint and coatings industry meet the highest requirements. Whether solvent-based or water-based paints and varnishes, the silicone-free agitators are working extremely gentle by using the conical agitating element Plarodisc. For the processing of raw materials, dissolver mixers or agitators with lenart-discs are used among others. Speed-variable agitator drive units using the company’s variable-speed gearbox Plaromaster, continuously adjustable up to and from zero speed, take an exceptional market position. For the agitation of paints and varnishes, whether shear thinning or profoundly thixotropic up to Newtonian flow, the agitators are always individually designed.

planetroll GmbH & Co. KG, Brunnenbergstrasse 11-13,
89597 Munderkingen, Germany, Phone +49 7393 95180,
Hall 3, Stand 3542

((Press contact person: Ms Margit Lorinser))

Category: application technology / agitators


Duplex-Anlage zur Abluftreinigung nach Beschichtung

Duplex air treatment facilities with molecular sieves make environmental protection possible without any running costs. Painting and coating works produce emissions in a discontinuous way after the works are finished. Depending on the painting, set-up time and the size of the immersion-painted components, the VOC concentration varies. Duplex facilities level out these differences in the VOC concentrations via an intermediate storage in molecular sieves and enable a regular and constantly high concentration level. The exhaust air volume is reduced to a fraction of its original volume and the emissions contained in the exhaust air and thus the heating value is increased proportionally. Downstream combustion facilities become heat generators. Alternatively, the purification can be carried out via a heating and power plant, which also generates electricity from exhaust air.

RAFFLENBEUL ANLAGENBAU GMBH, Voltastrasse 5, 63225 Langen,
Germany, Phone +49 6103 300978,
Hall 3, Stand 3652

((Press contact person: Ms Yong Ju Bak))

Category: environment engineering

QUBUS Planung und Beratung OberflächentecReal-Construct Sp. ZO.O.hnik GmbH

Installation and relocation of coating lines

Real-Construct is a construction contractor with a team of experienced engineers and highly qualified workers with know-how and skills in the construction and installation technologies for coating plants. The company guarantees high quality and on-time completion of the works. It provides services in painting lines area including complete installations of various painting technologies. The services include assembly of pre-treatment plants, ovens, conveyor systems, supporting steel structures, wet and powder cabins, ventilation and electrical wiring. Apart from the installation of new equipment, the company also perform relocation of production facilities and heavy equipment.

Real-Construct Sp. ZO.O., ul. Siewna 44, 31-231 Krakau, Poland,
Phone +48 126 233800,
Hall 3, Stand 3447

((Press contact person: Mr. Piotr Olszewski))

Category: services


New automatic spray guns

Gun change in second’s time, exact, short switching frequencies, low weight as well as excellent purgeability honor the new automatic gun of the AGR series. It is a high performance spraying system for conventional and low-pressure air atomizing. The fastening at the robot/reciprocator is carried out by an intermediate plate and adapter for easy and quick gun changes. The gun is suitable for all painting systems and spraying adhesives. The separate control of fan air and atomizing air makes the optimal regulation of the jet geometry possible. All parts with contact to the medium are made of stainless steel. It is available in 2 versions: AGR-08 with certified air caps for reproducible flat spray pattern and air cap indexation; AGR-09 mini with a lower weight for the use with flat spraying machines and offers in the robot version advantages when coating heavily accessible places.

REITER GmbH + Co. KG, Berglenstrasse 23-25, 71364 Winnenden, Germany, Phone +49 7195 1850,
Hall 2, Stand 2102

((Press contact person: Ms Karin Graff))

Category: application technology



Further optimized high rotation atomizer

The further optimized high rotation spraying system Center Bell 2012 – the world's smallest bell atomizer with quick-change system for robotic applications – can perform necessary maintenance with minimal downtime. Within 2 minutes, the complete functional part can be replaced by only one employee. The new, improved shaping air system allows in combination with a modified bell cap a very homogeneous spray pattern with or without electrostatics. The spraying system is particularly suitable for use for the painting of automotive bumpers and other attachments parts of plastic, enables high paint flow rates and allows high acceleration values of modern robot for high surface throughput. The spraying system is approved for use in zone 2 and due to the compact size; it is ideal for retrofitting in existing plants.

REITER GmbH + Co. KG, Berglenstrasse 23-25, 71364 Winnenden, Germany, Phone +49 7195 1850,
Hall 2, Stand 2102

((Press contact person: Ms Karin Graff))

Category: application technology


RIPOL S.r.l.

Technology for fast, effective and long lasting antimicrobial protection

Bacteria, both good and bad, are a fact of life and they are all around us. Ripol Bacteri Ag antimicrobial coatings use silver ions to help inhibit the growth of microbes on the powder coated surface. They have been designed to provide antimicrobial protection over an extended period of time in a wide range of applications including hospitals and fitness equipment, bathrooms, laboratories, child care facilities, handrails, public transit areas. The coatings are available in all resin chemistries and in a full range of colors, gloss, and finishes. The effectiveness of the Bacteri Ag against multi-resistant germs has been tested in accordance with JIS Z 2801-2010.

RIPOL S.r.l., via Donatori del Sangue 25/A, 20010 S. Stefano Ticino, Mailand, Italy, Phone +39 029748411,
Hall 1, Stand 1218

((Press contact person: Gilberto Vercesi))

Category: powder coatings


Innovative wet paints for metal, plastic and glass surfaces

Roberlo is specialized in the development and manufacture of coatings and repair solutions for the car refinish and industrial sectors. The company will present the Disolac product line, an industrial color system made up of 24 bases (21 solid colors and 3 aluminum bases for metallic finishes) and more than 30 binders (acrylic, polyurethane, synthetic, epoxy, basecoat and clear coat) which makes possible to create more than 9,000 colors. Additionally, Cromaresme will be showcased. It stands out for innovation and is specialized in the development of high added value coating systems and color collections which incorporate extremely innovative effects for plastics, metal and glass. For glass the company creates custom projects in packaging such as perfume bottles, liquor bottles, and glass in general. In plastics, the focus is mainly orientated towards the automotive and motorcycle OEM sector, where the company manufactures paints for exterior elements.

ROBERLO, Ctra. N-II, km 706,5, 17457 Riudellots de la Selva (Girona),
Spain, Phone +34 972 478 060,
Hall 3, Stand 3140

((Press contact Person: Mr. Pere Casas))

Category: wet paints

SATA GmbH & Co. KG

Innovative breathing protection system

Painters are exposed to solvents, sanding dust and overspray. As a consequence, it is paramount for them to effectively protect their respiratory tracts as well as their heads including eyes, hair and skin. With the aim to further increase the acceptance of breathing protection equipment, SATA developed a new generation of a respirator system which is independent of ambient air. The modern system consists of the air fed respirator hood air vision 5000 and a belt unit which allows the easy attachment of different add-on modules. The air regulation unit, air regulator, or alternatively the air carbon regulator with activated charcoal adsorber are mandatory modules. To further enhance the breathing comfort, additional modules like the air warmer, the air cooler and the air humidifier can be added.

SATA GmbH & Co. KG, Postfach 1828, 70799 Kornwestheim,
Germany, Phone +49 7154 8110,
Hall 1, Stand 1311

((Press contact person: Ms Simone Schwebsch))

Category: accessories / PPE

SATA GmbH & Co. KG

Automatic spray gun in modular design

The modular design of the automatic spray gun SATAjet 1800 M offers individual and highly flexible configuration options which allow the perfect application of a great variety of different coating materials. Based on its modular design concept, this spray gun is very compact in size and featuring a minimum of individual components.
Configuration options:
• HVLP or RP technology, special nozzles for functional coatings, glue, etc.
• Versions for external spray fan control via the painting unit or external control via integrated round/flat spray control
• Versions with or without material circulation
• Versions in anodized aluminum or stainless steel
• Depending on the installation requirements, connections can be located on the rear side or underneath the control module.
• Quick change adapter for the fast exchange of the spraying module

SATA GmbH & Co. KG, Postfach 1828, 70799 Kornwestheim,
Germany, Phone +49 7154 8110,
Hall 1, Stand 1311

((Press contact person: Ms Simone Schwebsch))

Category: application technology

SATA GmbH & Co. KG

Daylight solution for full colour shade control

Accurate colour retrieval, the correct application of metallic paints or special effect materials as well as the detection of critical mottling or other surface imperfections are playing a crucial role in the car refinish application process. Very often there are just slight deviations of the colour shade or the metallic effect which are not recognizable under artificial light, but once exposed to daylight, they are clearly visible. The SATA trueSun LED lamp allows a professional colour shade evaluation and identification within the paintshop. The solution was developed with a wide light spectrum especially for the evaluation of uni, metallic, xirallic or glass pigment colour shades. The handheld lamp reliably supports the user when it comes to accurate colour retrieval and quality control.

SATA GmbH & Co. KG, Postfach 1828, 70799 Kornwestheim,
Germany, Phone +49 7154 8110,
Hall 1, Stand 1311

((Press contact person: Ms Simone Schwebsch))

Category: quality control

Halle 1, Stand 1311

((Ansprechpartnerin Presse: Simone Schwebsch))

Kategorie: Qualitätskontrolle

Scheuch GmbH

Fans and technologies for powder recycling

At this year’s Paint Expo, the Devices and Components business unit of Scheuch GmbH will be showcasing its latest devices and components for industrial painting technology. The stars will be the two refined and enhanced fan types, PullOut and SwingOut. Both model ranges offer easy access to the impeller and can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, making them true standout products. Flow characteristics in powder recycling applications have also been improved. Now, using a powder cartridge filter can reduce residual dust content to less than 1 mg/Nm³.

Scheuch GmbH, Weierfing 68, 4971 Aurolzmünster, Austria,
Phone +43 7752 9050,
Hall 1, Stand 1535

((Press contact person: Ms Jessica Meister))

Category: recycling

Scheuch Swing-Out

R. Scheuchl GmbH

Solutions for optimizing energy use, air purification and solvent recovery

For more than 5 decades, R. Scheuchl GmbH has been specializing in realization of equipment and plants for air purification, heat and solvent recovery and dehumidification of process air. The company is especially focusing on retrofitting such systems and special solutions in existing production areas, particularly in mid-sized companies. The applications are versatile and concern all industrial processes in which heating/cooling energy and solvents are used, such as in painting and paint spraying equipment, in the automotive industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry and brickworks.

R. Scheuchl GmbH, Königbacher Strasse 17, 94496 Ortenburg,
Germany, Phone +49 8542 1650,
Hall 2, Stand 2210

((Press contact person: Ms Carina Grauvogl))

Category: environment engineering

SEHON Innovative Lackieranlagen GmbH

Holistic energy management

More and more paint shops are looking for a holistic energy management for new construction and modernization. The goal: to save energy in paint shops and painting processes. Sehon paint booths and dryers have always been among the world's energy-saving champions, but new intelligent technologies make it possible that only 10% of the total operating energy requirement in paint shops must be purchased. These enormous savings are achieved through the integration of CHP, photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. Intelligent control systems, professional energy monitoring and modern energy-saving technologies ensure the perfect interplay of several energy producers and energy consumers (process and building technology).

SEHON Innovative Lackieranlagen GmbH, Herdweg 3, 75391 Gechingen,
Germany, Phone +49 7056 939550,
Hall 3, Stand 3440

((Press contact person: Mr. Michael Teschke, Hauptstrasse 37,
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen))

Category: plant engineering / energy management

Shanghai Xiang Rong Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd.

High performance nozzles for blasting applications

Shanghai Xiang Rong manufactures boron carbide (B4C), silicon carbide (SiC) and tungsten carbide (TC) nozzles, blades and wear parts for shot peening and abrasive blasting applications. With their excellent performance/price ratio, the company’s innovative self-sintered B4C (XSB) and SiC (XSC) solutions are proven substitutes to hot-pressed B4C, SiC and TC nozzles. The signature XSC, replacing TC, gives the most economical nozzle, combining excellent wear resistance with high material toughness. The XSB allows manufacturing of complex part shapes not possible with hot-pressed B4C. The company’s OEM and distribution partners globally value high flexibility in manufacturing a large range of non-standard, custom-designed products, which are produced reliably, even in small lot numbers.

Shanghai Xiang Rong Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd., No. 1 155th Lane Songbao Rd., 200940 Baoshan District Shanghai, China,
Phone +86 21 36168004,
Hall 2, Stand 2202

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Category: accessories / nozzles


Modular, freely configurable concept for coating metal and plastic parts

At this year's Paint Expo in Karlsruhe, Sidasa presents the latest, innovative developments of the company in the field of paint shops, dip-spin and electroplating. Another topic is the so-called Flexi-Line. This freely configurable and modular expandable concept is used in plastic and metal coatings. In addition to turnkey plants, the company will also offer a complete maintenance and service package starting this year. The newly developed “Sidasa-Care-Program” allows the customer to configure completely or partially the outsourcing of plant maintenance and spare parts. In addition, the company will show investment-optimized standard solutions in the field of painting robotics with selected exhibits on the booth.

SIDASA ENGINEERING Germany, Esslinger Strasse 4, 73776 Altbach,
Germany, Phone +49 711 89989583,
Hall 3, Stand 3354

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Category: plant engineering


Production line for the surface treatment of three-dimensional components

The Decoline II from Singulus Technologies integrates metallizing in a vacuum (cathode atomization/sputtering) plus all coating and pre-treatment steps into a single production process, and transports the components through all process stages automatically. The Polycoater is a central element of the production line. The coating system is conceived as an inline machine and operates according to the vacuum cathode atomization principle. Compared to batch production involving evaporation deposition, this solution automates the production process and its short cycle times markedly cut production costs. For optimum coating of all sides, the components can be rotated in the vacuum. This solution for the finishing of three-dimensional components is almost unique. It offers the industry in particular the prospect of further cost savings, and markedly simplifies logistics.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, Hanauer Landstrasse 103,
63796 Kahl, Germany, Phone +49 6188 4400,
Hall 2, Stand 2501

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Category: plant engineering



Hoses, nozzles and couplings for blasting machines

Somax Blasting will present rubber sandblasting hoses, blasting nozzles, blast hose couplings and nozzle holders. The company provides excellent heavy duty service across multiple medium pressure blasting and transfer applications. The abrasion loss was produced according to DIN 53516 less than 60 mm3.The thick rubber tube provides additional resistance to sand and other abrasive materials going through the hose, and dissipates static electrical charge for operator safety. The thick hose wall provides kink resistance for unimpeded flow, and resistance to abrasion and weathering for maximum performance. The blast hose is available in 40 meters continuous lengths, subject to minimum order quantity and quoted pricing. The company’s sand Blast hose couplings are made of aluminum, carbon steel, brass and nylon material.

Qingdao City, Shandong 266011, China, Phone +86 532 80935980,
Hall 1, Stand 1614

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Category: accessories / blasting

Somax_NHP holder

STR Teknik Makina İNŞ. Tur. Teks. San ve Tic. Ltd. Şti

Solutions for powder coating

Strong 3000 will present coating solution for various applications. The field of activity covers production of electrostatic powder coating lines - from simple ones up to fully automated lines, movable and stationary automated and manual booths, ovens, suction systems and pretreatment lines. The company is also active in the field of application technology.

STR Teknik Makina İNŞ. Tur. Teks. San ve Tic. Ltd. Şti, Ömerli Mh. Tunaboyu Sk. Elektro 2000 San.Sit. B18 Blok No:1 AZ, 34555 Arnavutköy-Istanbul, Turkey, Phone +90 545 6137150,
Hall 3, Stand 3238

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Category: plant engineering

Sunkiss Matherm

Curing with thermoreactors

The Thermoreactor works by catalytic combustion of the gas. This combustion, flameless at low temperature has the immense advantage of being an energy emitter in the form of infrared in a broad spectrum of 3 to 8 microns which corresponds exactly to the absorption spectrum of paints. This concordance of the spectra favors a perfect absorption of the energy by the painting in all its thickness. Evaporation of solvents or water for water-soluble paints is from the inside of the paint film to the outside. The drying and the polymerization processes are thus greatly accelerated. Drying times are always much shorter than drying in an oven with hot air circulation or compared to electric infrared whose emission spectra are less concordant. This deep drying with good evaporation of the transfer agents of the paint reduces the risk of bubbling

Sunkiss Matherm, 509 Chemin des Vignes Zone d'activité - Actipole 2B,
1360 Bressolles, France, Phone +33 677 116682,
Hale 3, Stand 3209

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Category: curing

Timmer GmbH

New double diaphragm pumps in the paint supply

High reliability, long service life, dry run protection and the reduction in operating costs are typical requirements for double diaphragm pumps in paint circulation systems, pigging and cartridge systems. With the new "TimBOOST" pump generation Timmer offers various models to meet the more demanding requirements of the paint industry. The high-pressure pumps can reach flow rates of up to 110 l/min or pressures of up to 24 bar. The low-maintenance pumps guarantee a safe start even at low pressures. The fluids shear is low. The proven TIM-Flex diaphragm is CIP-compatible. The stroke counting option (ATEX compliant) allows digital integration into the complete system.

Timmer GmbH, Dieselstrasse 37, 48485 Neuenkirchen, Germany,
Phone +49 5973 94930,
Hall 2, Stand 2511

((Press contact person: Mr. Oliver Timmer))

Category: application technology / paint supply

Timmer GmbH

New back pressure regulator offers minimized shear stresses

The new 3:1 back-pressure regulator "TimECO" from Timmer was developed for the paint industry. Since the consumption rates of the paint spray guns are not constant in time, undesired pressure fluctuations in the ring circuit system are possible. Back-pressure regulators (BPR) are intended to solve this problem. This is achieved through automatic control of the flow cross-section by the pneumatic BPR. Strong shear stresses in conventional BPRs that can damage the paint are well known. In the new BPR, the fluid is guided in a straight line so that dangerous shear stresses are hardly possible. To this effect, an innovative double diaphragm system was developed. The maximum flow defined by the manufacturer is 40 l/min, whereby the fluid pressure must not exceed 25 bar.

Timmer GmbH, Dieselstrasse 37, 48485 Neuenkirchen, Germany,
Phone +49 5973 94930,
Hall 2, Stand 2511

((Press contact person: Mr. Oliver Timmer)


New paint test equipment

At PaintExpo TQC presents four 4 new instruments or instruments in new designs and with new functions. The new Drying Time Recorder is a fully digitally controlled machine, that operates conform the BK (Beck Koller) method and fulfills all common norms. The drying time range is flexible from 1 minute up to 200 hours. Equally new is the automatic film applicator compact. The system was development as a newcomer instrument. It can be used with test charts up to DIN A4 and has a variable adjustable traverse speed from 1 to 150mm/s. The company will also present the automatic film applicator and the scrub abrasion and washability tester in new designs and with improved functions. Both instruments feature variability in speed and panel length in addition to the new innovative operating concept of TQC.

TQC GmbH, Nikolaus-Otto-Strasse 2, 40721 Hilden, Germany,
Phone +49 2103 253260,
Hall 1, Stand 1621

((Press contact person: Ms Gülay Sengül))

Category: quality control

USHIO Europe B.V.

New air-cooled UV-LED light source

Ushio will present the UniJet Air-cooled UV-LED light source I III series. The light source has a superior intensity and higher energy dose in comparison with other products in the same category. The series is perfected for use in a number of applications including ink and varnish curing, and high speed industrial printing applications. The company has garnered a worldwide reputation as the specialist in industrial light sources. From Ultraviolet to Infrared, the solutions can be found in a diverse range of products from cinema screens and industrial printing machines, and are used in the production of the latest smartphones and the testing phase of space exploration.

USHIO Europe B.V., Breguetlaan 16-18, 1438 BC Oude Meer,
The Netherlands, Phone +31 20 4469333,
Hall 2, Stand 2402

((Press contact person: Ms Rebecca Wilson))

Category: curing

VIP Coatings Europe GmbH

High performance 2K elastomeric coatings

VIP Coatings Europe presents it´s of high performance elastomeric coating systems (Polyurea and Hybrid Polyurea) at PaintExpo. Spray applied, seamless and instant curing the flexible membranes bond directly with the substrate permanently eliminating corrosion and chemical attack. Excellent impact and abrasion resistant properties provide superior substrate protection for a wide range of surfaces. The elastomeric coatings remain flexible over a large temperature range and are free of solvents and VOC. The membranes offer significant benefits and advantages over traditional coating solutions especially due to short down times which result in significant cost advantages.

VIP Coatings Europe GmbH, Frauenstrasse 31, 82216 Maisach,
Germany, Phone +49 8141 490,
Hall 2, Stand 2551

((Press contact person: Mr. Christian Wild))

Category: wet paints

J. Wagner GmbH

Focus on innovation, efficiency and automation

In the context of innovation, efficiency and automation, the Wagner Group presents products and solutions for different coating applications. Concerning liquid coating, the company will inform about innovative automation concepts as well as 2K mixing units, atomization technology (bell, air and material atomization) and electrostatics. Walther Pilot spray guns for the application of adhesives round off the product range. Another focus is set on efficient powder coating, dosing and color change systems for process optimization and higher productivity. The company offers standardized and individual solutions – from the application up to visualization concepts to increase competitiveness.

J. Wagner GmbH, Otto-Lilienthal-Strasse 18, 88677 Markdorf,
Germany, Phone +49 7544 5050,
Hall 3, Stand 3228, 3230, 3328 und 3330

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Category: application technology

Powder coating booth S-Cube CleanAssist with automated cleaning

J. Wagner GmbH

New powder coating booth optimizes process stability and productivity

With the new S-Cube Clean-Assist powder coating booth, Wagner has, for the first time ever, successfully reduced the time needed to change colors to five to six minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on every shift, thanks to automated booth cleaning. This means that the powder coating booth not only saves three to four minutes on each color change compared to previous solutions, but it also increases process stability. This sophisticated powder coating system enables a consistently high level of coating quality while increasing productivity. This system utilizes the patented Energy Efficiency Package (EEP) powder recovery system that minimizes powder loss, thus optimizing material usage. The S-Cube Clean-Assist is sold as a complete coating system package.

J. Wagner GmbH, Otto-Lilienthal-Strasse 18, 88677 Markdorf,
Germany, Phone +49 7544 5050,
Hall 3, Stand 3228, 3230, 3328 und 3330

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Category: plant engineering

From left to right: Wagner S-Cube CleanAssist, powder center (PXS or SuperCenter), monocyclone, filter.

Wilckens Farben GmbH

SI technology offers new perspectives for corrosion protection

Wilckens Farben GmbH presents the "self-indicating" technology at the Paint Expo 2018. With the help of this technology, users will virtually eliminate all below spec thickness layers. This guarantees the specified dry film thickness, minimises over coatings, reduces consumption, minimises control activities and thus saves time and costs. Developed and patented by the cooperation partner Nippon Paint Marine Coatings Japan, Wilckens Farben produces with the SI technology among others products for most diverse application areas in corrosion protection in its main factory in Glückstadt, Germany.

Wilckens Farben GmbH, Schmiedestrasse 10, 25348 Glückstadt,
Germany, Phone +49 4124 6060,
Hall 3, Stand 3661

((Press contact person: Mr. Norman Suhr))

Category: wet paints

Wiltec BV

Modularly changable filters for overspray separation

In collaboration with Columbus Industries, Wiltec introduces the new range of box filters, called PC Pleat. This new development makes it possible to change filter modularly. Modular exchange means that the filter wall is divided into compartments, each equipped with a box filter, which can be changed separately. Only the filters which are completely saturated will be exchanged, which saves enormously on filter costs. Additional advantages are the extremely high holding capacity, which results in fewer filter changes and thus less production stoppage. Due to the very high efficiency air channels remain clean which keeps maintenance costs low and extends the life of the installation. Reduced energy costs due to very low resistance throughout the life of the filter; and the ready-to-use concept leads to less time losses at filter changes.

Wiltec B.V., Industrielaan 24, 5406 XC Uden, The Netherlands,
Phone +31 413 244444,
Hall 1, Stand 1141

((Press contact person: Ms Marianne van de Haterd))

Category: plant engineering / overspray separation

Winterthur Instruments AG

Innovative measuring systems for non-contact layer thickness

Every industrially manufactured product has a functional or decorative coating that can be applied either wet or dry. The amount of coating applied can often only be determined some time after the coating has been applied. Winterthur Instruments is presenting two measuring systems for non-contact layer thickness measurement. These systems enable reduced material consumption, avoidance of waste and complete quality control. While the coatmaster flex system is a hand-held measuring device and was designed for flexible use, the coatmaster 3D system is an imaging system for integration into the production process. Both technologies measure the thickness of wet, sticky, powdery and solid coatings without contact and non-destructive immediately after application. Both devices work according to the principle of thermal layer testing.

Winterthur Instruments AG, 8404 Winterthur, Switzerland,
Phone +41 52 2120277,
Hall 1, Stand 1345

((Press contact person: Prof. Dr. Nils A. Reinke))

Category: quality control

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