Interview with Silvia Bauer

Silvia Bauer, Head of sales, bwh-energy GmbH in Interview.

In your opinion, what are currently the biggest challenges for painting companies and job-shop coaters?

Important factors are the electricity and energy costs, which directly affect the companies’ competitiveness.


From your standpoint, what are the best ways to optimize coating processes?

The best option is to monitor the energy consumption values ​​through targeted monitoring. This method allows the legal requirements to be met and the best results to be achieved with regard to reimbursement possibilities.

What trends are emerging in your area of industrial painting technology?

In the future, there will be more and more regulations and conditions imposed by the legislator in order to produce more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious products.


What developments/solutions does your company offer for these trends?

For our company, this question is about optimizing the legal reimbursement options. Are the individual companies really exhausting all possibilities?

Especially for companies in the field of surface technology, the legislator provides for higher compensation.

Also very important, is the annual review of the levy reduction, e.g. Network charges, EEG surcharge or the future Co2 surcharge.

In Addition, Regular testing of the Energy supply contracts need to be conducted.


What significance does PaintExpo have for your company?

PaintExpo gives us the opportunity to meet many of our existing customers, to meet interesting business partners and to make new contacts.

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