Interview with Reiner Birkmann

Reiner Birkmann, CSO, Lankwitzer Lackfabrik GmbH in Interview.

In your opinion, what are currently the biggest challenges for painting companies and job-shop coaters?

The coloring sector is subject to the same laws as the entire industry and society itself. Therefore, automation/digitalisation (industry 4.0) and the topic of ecology/emissions/sustainability are at the focus of all transformation.

From your standpoint, what are the best ways to optimize coating processes?

We believe that the greatest potential lies in the use of low-emission and emission-free paint systems with simultaneous avoidance of thermal energy input. In combination with today's marketable and affordable robotics, there is significant potential. However, using these potentials requires a high willingness to rethink processes that have been in existence for decades.

What trends are emerging in your area of industrial painting technology?

Industry 4.0 in combination with the use of radiation-curing coatings.

What developments/solutions does your company offer for these trends?

Lankwitzer Premium Coating is a leader in the development of emission-free UV coating systems for decoration and object protection. Since this technology also requires modern and new systems, close integration of application and drying is essential. This close cooperation on all aspects of painting is our brand core. We offer genuine single sourcing for the painting of the future.

What significance does PaintExpo have for your company?

  • PaintExpo is traditionally the best opportunity for innovations in the paint and varnish sector. It offers a unique European forum for stimulating interaction with all players in the coating process.

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