Interview with Giulia De Santi

Giulia De Santi, Roboticom – Fabrica Machinale in Interview.

In your opinion, what are currently the biggest challenges for painting companies and job-shop coaters?

Surface finishing is the key process to guarantee high standard painting results. The challenge is to exceed the criticalities due to varying quality, unhealthy conditions for workers and lack of qualified labor for preparation processes like sanding.

From your standpoint, what are the best ways to optimize coating processes?

Optimization needs to start from the early steps of the coating process and technology has an important role. Robotics is very helpful to achieve the goal, but employees need to see it as an opportunity to upgrade their job and not as a threat.

What trends are emerging in your area of industrial painting technology?

To ensure efficiency and manage growing production volumes, companies are increasingly turning to robotic automation.

What developments/solutions does your company offer for these trends?

We offer a complete multi-purpose robot for surface finishing on complex shapes of any material (plastic, carbon fiber, composites, metals, etc.). That means sanding and trimming before painting and polishing after painting with one system, automatically switching from one process to the other. This allows you to get high quality repeatable results and to remove your labor from strenuous work.

What significance does PaintExpo have for your company?

We decided to exhibit at the PaintExpo because of the growing demand for automation technology in the finishing operations from painting companies. As it will be our first time at this trade show, it represents quite a challenge but the potential is very high.

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