Interview with Carlo Guidetti

Carlo Guidetti,CEO and Sole Administrator, CHEMTEC S.r.l. in Interview.

In your opinion, what are currently the biggest challenges for painting companies and job-shop coaters?

According to our daily experience, all the biggest challenges for painting companies and job-shop coaters can be resumed in one single word: sustainability.
Firstly, a painting must be qualitative, effective, efficient and green.
All the new technologies developed by the various market players allow for the best painting at lower prices and with low environmental impact.


From your standpoint, what are the best ways to optimize coating processes?

The optimization of industrial painting processes is possible by taking advantage of the technological innovations developed in recent years.
Thanks to these ones, companies are nowadays able to simplify, automate, control and schedule painting operations.
This is the right time for painting companies to invest in technological innovation: there will be much benefit and the ROI very quick.


What trends are emerging in your area of industrial painting technology?

In the coming years, the pretreatment processes will have to offer higher quality, reducing the environmental impact, becoming easier to use and using less water and energy.
This is a complex challenge that we welcome and that we have already been working on for some time.

What developments/solutions does your company offer for these trends?

As regards the treatment of pre-painting metals, CHEMTEC is able to offer industrial solutions to replace classic phosphates, whether these are simple phosphodegreases or complex zinc-based microcrystalline phosphates. We have developed the only metal pretreatment process that operates in one single stage, cold, without ever creating sludge or waste and nanotechnological processes based on modified organic silanes or organic phosphorus compounds that allow to replace trication phosphating in many applications, simplifying processes, reducing energy consumption and without creating toxic sludge and without using heavy metals.


What significance does PaintExpo have for your company?

Paint Expo is a very important meeting for our company.
CHEMTEC is a young reality and, therefore, PAINT EXPO is an important opportunity to make ourselves known.
This means presenting our technological solutions, our innovations to a truly international, not only in Germany, not only European panorama.


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