Interview with Andre de Veer

Andre de Veer, Vice President Nordson Industrial Coating Systems Europe in Interview.

In your opinion, what are currently the biggest challenges for painting companies and job-shop coaters?

On the one hand, that the shortage of skilled workers is growing and, on the other hand, that there is a further trend “Color-On-Demand”, which is intensifying.

The tense situation on the raw materials market in terms of availability and price continues to be negative. Rising cost pressure on raw material prices is constantly on going

From your standpoint, what are the best ways to optimize coating processes?

The increasing automation of powder coating systems - many customers are investing and switching from manual or semi-automated coating to fully automated or robot controlled coating to be more competitive.

What trends are emerging in your area of industrial painting technology?

The trends batch size "1" as well as Color-on-Demand and automated / robot powder coatings are one of the most obviously.

What developments/solutions does your company offer for these trends?

To counteract the rising cost of raw materials, modern systems must be highly efficient, should have an excellent first pass efficiency and have a very good ROI. Not the price of a system is decisive factor at first glance, but what later results in efficiency. Significant powder savings with minimal maintenance and downtime as well as precise powder delivery for uniform coating enables such results. In the long term, this means being able to produce more easily and more economically. Nordson's dense phase technology with HDLV pumps and Encore HD guns combine this all in one.

What significance does PaintExpo have for your company?

PaintExpo is a great place for Nordson to maintain its European customer relationships and network as well as showcase our efficient, integrated powder coating solutions.

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