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Pugh & Co International

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Pugh & Co International, founded in 1947, is privately-owned company operating since more than 70 years in Belgium, the heart of Europe (Brussels). We produce innovative waterborne surface treatment solutions for metal protection since more than 40 years. Kelate® is a water based reactive rust conversion coat used for the passivation of steel. Actan® GS is a new generation waterborne wash primer that improves the adhesion on metallic surfaces such as galvanised steel, copper or aluminium. Actan® DU is a range of waterborne curing agents offering new advances in VOC free coating systems. The surface treatments and coating, that we develop and produce, have a very low content of volatile organic compounds in relation with the existing regulations. The characteristics of our products are allowing to remove the constraints related to the VOC control. By reducing to almost zero the risks for the users, we participate to the protection of the operator and the environment.



KELATE® - Rostumwandler
KELATE® ist ein wasserverdünnbarer und aktiver Konservierer zur Passivierung von Stahl....
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Actan GS - neue Generation von wasserverdünnbaren Waschprimern
Actan® GS ist eine neue Generation von wasserverdünnbaren Waschprimern, welcher als Haftprimer bei galvanisierten Stahl, bei Kupfer und Aluminium zum Einsatz ko...
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Herr Bernard Leduc
Managing Director Pugh & Co International


Pugh & Co International

Boulevard Louis Schmidt 3/B4
1040 Etterbeek

Tel.: +32 27 322777

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